Wine Bottle and Glass Holders

Wine bottle and glass holder is a beautiful way of displaying your favourite wine. It holds one bottle (any size) and 2 glasses. Each piece is crafted with the finest of woods and would make a perfect gift for a wine lover.

Each holder is carefully finished with 3 coats of top quality Danish Oil, which absorbs into the wood, protecting, nourishing and ‘feeding’ the wood from the inside. Each coat is allowed to dry for 24 hours, then re sanded and then the next coat applied. The finished product is dirt resistant and will also resist stains from wine, beer, coffee, tea, coca-cola, orange juice and food ensuring each beautiful piece will last a very long time.

As it is handmade there is possibility for you to choose between different kinds of hard woods like Beech, Padauk, Bankirai, light or dark Oak, Wenge and create your own design. Quotes for these special orders can be provided at no charge and will be honoured for a period of six months. Contact us.
(Wine and glasses are not included)